Quotes said at the Odyssey Room Sunnyvale:



"The sound system here SUCKS!"

- Greg Kihn


                                                  "Got a Bud for the Hook?"

                                                                   - John Lee Hooker


   "Bill Graham's gonna make me a rock star!"

                                                                   - Eddie Money


   "God I hate that song."

                           - Drummer from Iron Butterfly

(after perfoming a 30 minute set of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida")


   "Let's get the hell out of here!"

                                         - Lester Chambers of the Chambers Brothers (after there was a bomb scare)


   "I'm tired of being known as just a 60's band, it's time I moved on into the 70's"

                                                - Country Joe (and the Fish) McDonald to Gary Schmidt in 1986


 "Hey man, where am I?"

"Odyssey Room, Sunnyvale."

"Have I been here before?"


"I thought so."

             - Leon Russel 


   "If you are having problems "hooking up" towards the end of the evening just do what I always do, lower your standards"

                                                             - Mike Phillips AKA Huggy Bear


                                    "Who remembers the Wednesday Night Battle Cry?"


              "The only place in town where having crabs can be fun! Get your crabs here!" 

                                                                -From the world famous hermit crab races


  "Remember the t-shirts and panties?"