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Reply Stacey Fagen
8:37 PM on May 13, 2017 

Did the Reindeer lounge go away with the Odyssey? I never made it there but worked at The Odyssey room from mid '85 to '89. Doorman, barback then bartender. I was on call part time Sunday's thru Monday night's. I still have my ruffles, bow tie and vest ! Gary, Sam and Tom I learned a few lessons from those men! 

Reply Steve C Hansen
2:15 PM on September 23, 2016 

I was a Doorman/Bouncer there back in 1988-1990 and it was a time in my life that I will never forget. I meet my first wife there. I still remenber Dave the boss, Joe Spiser., Bruce, and all the great after work parties. I remeber the back bar and the one at the top of the stairs near the fron door with Les the lounge lizard hanging out. 

Reply John
5:12 PM on January 17, 2015 

I once worked bar back and in the day time was the cleaner up guy. it was about 86 or so, who remembers Ba-Ba the bar tender ? what is there now have not been to S.Vale in many years :(

Reply Tom DiGiacomo
8:07 PM on November 3, 2013 

I was the keyboard player with the Starkissed Band.  We played the Odyssey Room for a period of 5 years or so from 1977 through about 1981.  Had some pictures of the band there and some of the people but lost them over time.  Hope see more on this site. 

Reply gary schmidt
10:36 PM on October 21, 2013 

hi marcy, imat [email protected] and outside of reno, hope all is well, those were the daze, gary

Reply Darlene Asher
7:55 PM on October 17, 2013 

Lester says...

Hey Jim How you doing these days?  I was just talking to Arlean about you.  lol Small world

 Do you mean me lester?


Reply Darlene Asher
7:51 PM on October 17, 2013 

I loved the Odyssey Room. It was my favorite place. I took pictures that I need to scan to post here.

Reply Lester
4:17 AM on October 15, 2013 

Hey Jim How you doing these days?  I was just talking to Arlean about you.  lol Small world

Jim Busby says...

Hey all long time no see anyone where did you all go?

I think about all the good times and miss you all.

Reply Lester
4:12 AM on October 15, 2013 

Hey no mention of the famous Crab Races?  What's up with that? I won many a T-Shirts in those races. Sam, Heres a link that if browsed you'll find mention of the oddesey in it. Many other great hang outs also mentioned:

Reply Greg Allworth
12:31 PM on March 21, 2013 

I was in a band called No Doubt in the mid-80's. Gail booked us alot. We did openers for Greg Kihn, Eddie and the Tide, and many more. The funnest night was opening for Elvin Bishop. Great times at the Od. I still have a picture of the sign outside billing Greg Kihn and No Doubt somewhere. Will try to find and post it.

4:23 PM on October 23, 2012 

I was the lead singer for Roadshow back in the early 70's and played there a lot when Gary owned the Odyssey Room. What ever happend to Gary?


Reply Lester Pinson
1:38 PM on November 28, 2011 

Spent many years at the Odyssey, met many good friends and have many memories.   Gary. I need some more drink tokens.

Reply kathy day
8:48 PM on November 17, 2011 

yes them were the days, i don't drink anymore but had a great time in my younger days.

Reply Rich Deiss-Rockin' Rich
11:36 AM on November 17, 2011 

I was the DJ here in the mid 80's and MC for the Thursday night crap races! 

Rich Deiss (Rockin Rich)

Reply Me
7:09 AM on October 21, 2011 


Reply rsl
1:07 AM on September 15, 2011 

OMG! Ididn't know you were only 19! Shame on you. How ever did you get into the nightclub? Yeah, I couldn't believe all you ever drank was coke. What a nerd. :) We had soooo much fun dancing......................

Reply Nina Mendoza-Forsyth
6:56 AM on September 14, 2011 

I was 19 yrs. old when I started going there but everybody knew 'cause I would just order coke...until my bestfriend

RLL start ordering me an long island...Anyways, it was fun>>>fun>>>We would go there every Friday night after work.

Reply rsl
12:23 AM on September 14, 2011 

btw, whatever happened to Bandanna?

Reply rsl
12:11 AM on September 14, 2011 

Just turned 21 and loved dancing to Bandanna. After work with my co-workers, Tammy and Tammy.  Met my husband there who I still love, love, love!

Reply dave lara
1:54 PM on September 13, 2011 

wow 1983 the height of reagenomics working in electronics thursday night crab races never won but had fun, tom at the bar bandanna on stage huey lewis in the top ten dont know if i would have made without the odyssey it was the place just about everynight with the retreat being the peppermill.  it was at the od that i met my wife, three children later all grown, a great carrer in the medical field. having our 26 anneversay in two weeks. none of this without the odyssey.

Reply Jim Busby
9:09 PM on August 1, 2011 

Hey all long time no see anyone where did you all go?

I think about all the good times and miss you all.

12:42 PM on January 26, 2011 

Hi Rob.

Coming out of the woodwork? We ARE the woodwork!

Thanks for responding. Good to hear from you!



Any pictures you'd like up on the website, please send to [email protected] and we'll get them up asap.

Please pass the website on!

We'll talk soon.


Reply Rob DeHart
1:45 AM on January 26, 2011 

Alright finally some ole Odyssey Room folks coming out of the woodwork....This is Rob from the band "Gotcha"

I have some pictures I would like to add to the Odyssey Room collection!!!  They are pretty scary, more pajama party pictures, halloween, album release party and more....

Reply Gary Schmidt
9:48 PM on January 18, 2011 

Play it again Sam ........... Those were the days (daze) ...............  Gary